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Creative Production Lab Change Location

The studio is located on the second floor of the Criss Library in the Creative Production Lab, room 248.  To allow us to better serve you, please schedule your time at least one business day in advance.

Available backdrops include: black UNO-branded, white UNO-branded, black fabric, and a green screen. There is also a white wall.

The green screen can be used for adding a digital background to a subject you are filming. At this time we do not offer live monitoring of greenscreen keying, and this process must be done via editing after filming.

Reservations are required to guarantee the space and cut down on set-up time.

A teleprompter is available. To use the teleprompter, we request you email your script to at least two hours in advance.

Reservations are only guaranteed for academic projects.

CPL services are not available for commissioned work and profit enterprises.